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EXIT 305B: Milwaukee County Zoo in Milwaukee, WI

In Adam, Attractions, Exit Episode, Parks & Recreation, Wisconsin on Tue-20-Jan-15 at 11:18 AM

Yes, people!  We are back!  Sorry it’s been such a long time, but life was just in the way (of making and editing videos… not in the way of exploring!)

Adam and I explored the zoo this past June.  Yeah… took a half a year to edit the video and make this post, whoops.  I needed a computer update in order to edit videos properly… so now that I have that… you can expect to see more from us on a regular basis now!

I’ve been to the Milwaukee County Zoo many many times, especially as a kid.  But the zoo is always a fun place and it seems you always discover something new.  There is no way you’d be able to read every sign, see every animal eat and play, and experience all the unique experiences/events/exhibits that the zoo has to offer.  It’s also different each time depending on who you go with… everybody has different opinions and interests… and will say different things about the animals.

Adam and I went on a beautiful day during the week.  It wasn’t overly crowded, but any day you go there will always be millions of children.  We saw almost all the animals, and about half of them were sleeping.  Of course the snow leopard was sleeping… ugh.

Our tips for visiting the zoo:

  • have a zoo pass (or some way to get in for free)
  • park on the road (because it’s free)
  • bring in your own food (free)
  • bring in your own beverages (free)
  • don’t go with Harry Potter
  • watch out for small children

Some of these tips are relevant for any zoo, but check first to see if you are allowed to bring in food/drinks and if there are any discounts or free parking for your zoo visit.

Thanks for reading… have a “zoo-y” day!!