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EXIT 138B: State Capital and Ale Asylum in Madison, WI

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I’ve hit the road again!  I stopped in Madison to visit Kari and we explored in Madison.  Although we are both from Wisconsin and have been to Madison on random occasions in the past, we hadn’t really seen everything.  Kari recently moved there, so we decided to check out some places that we had never been to.

Ok ok ok… we’ve been to the capital building before.  I don’t know if they still do this, but when we were in elementary school, there was always a field trip to Madison to tour the capital.  I don’t remember much about it.  But on our recent visit, we just did a quick walk through and some memories came back.  It’s a beautiful building on the inside and out.  We didn’t do a tour, but they do offer free tours most days.  They take 45-55 minutes, and if you have less than 10 people you don’t need a reservation.  You can find more info on the State Capital Tour website.

Then we hit up Ale Asylum brewery.  Because, why would we start making episodes without beer?  We got a flight and a pizza.  And. it. was. all. amazing.

My ranking of the 6 beers we had:

  1. Unshadowed (German Hefeweizen)
  2. Phantasm (Autumn Ale)
  3. Bedlam! (Belgian IPA)
  4. Hopollo (IPA)
  5. Ambergeddon (Amber Ale)
  6. Hopalicious (American Pale Ale)

If you are from Wisconsin, you may have had Hopalicious.  It is a great beer.  I love Hopalicious.  But they make so many great beers at Ale Asylum that it ranked last on our flight.  Crazy!  Crazy good beer at Ale Asylum… you need to check it out.

They do tours of the brewery on Sundays.  I need to go back!