The Project

There are so many fascinating places we drive by all the time.  Most road trips make a quick stop at Taco Bell or McDonald’s, but why?  What are we missing?  Answer:  A LOT.

What do they mean by “Wisconsin Fun, Next Exit”?  Well, we are here to find out and tell you all about it.  We’re going a journey on the Wisconsin territory of I-94 and getting off at every exit.  Yes, every exit!  We will find cool places, cool people, and cool things to do. Maybe you’ll want to stop there too, or maybe you’ll be inspired to create your own adventure, whether it be on I-94 or I-any-other-number.

If you’re going on a road trip, why can’t you take an extra hour on your way to explore something new?  Eat at a local place instead of fast food?  We want to encourage people to take time and see the world… which is literally right off the highway.  You don’t need to take expensive flights or even have a passport to travel, there are places to travel to all around you.

Learn More about I-94

I-94 is over 1,600 miles from Montana to Michigan, passing through North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana along the way.

Wisconsin claims 348 miles of I-94.  The magnificent highway passes through many of the highlights of the state, such as Eau Claire, Wisconsin Dells, Madison, Milwaukee, and Racine.

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