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EXIT 1: Pepperfest in North Hudson, WI

In Courtney, Events, Exit Episode, Travel Tips, Wisconsin on Sun-26-Aug-12 at 9:41 PM

Our journey has begun!  Courtney and I crossed the St. Croix River from Minnesota to Wisconsin. (Yes, we did come from Wisconsin, so we went to MN just to turn around for the official start.)

We had a recommendation from a Facebook follower to go to Pepper Fest in North Hudson, so we thought we would check it out.  We drove through downtown (I think it would be considered the “downtown”) Hudson… which seemed very cozy and lively.  I’m sure we could have found plenty of fun things there, but we ventured a bit more north to North Hudson, population 3768.

Pepper Fest is an annual event held on a weekend in August.  It is very community and family oriented.  We asked some of the locals what their favorite part of the festival was… and the decision was unanimous:  The People (with food being a close second).  With a variety of homemade Italian food, a sequence of food-eating contest, and a small carnival area with rides and games, anybody is sure to be entertained.

We happened to be there during the first round of the Spaghetti Eating Contest… which was not as exciting as it sounds.  We think they could have used more sauce, more mess, and more cheering to add excitement.  Who knows… maybe you will see a special spaghetti eating contest from Courtney and me in the future…

Overall Pepper Fest was good.  It is a great thing to check out if you happen to be there during the festival or live in the area, however I wouldn’t advise going out of your way too much or making a special trip just for that.  As the locals said, the best thing is the people.  We can definitely see that knowing people and running into old friends is a huge attraction of the fest, and being from out of town, we did not get to enjoy those awkward encounters the same way as if we lived nearby.

A tip for anyone:

Festivals in general are always great finds.  Keep an eye for signs around town or flyers in restaurants and coffee shops.  You can  search for events on your smart phone or online before your head out.  These type of events are not typically advertised on billboards on the highway.