EXIT 2: The Original Red’s Savoy Pizza in Hudson, WI

In Courtney, Exit Episode, Restaurants & Bars, Travel Tips, Wisconsin on Tue-28-Aug-12 at 9:43 PM

Pretty much anything with cheese and hot sauce is automatically awesome, but the taco pizza fries we had at The Original Red’s Savoy Pizza were exceptionally tasty.  We had asked the worker what the restaurant was known for, and he told us, “The pizza fries!”  There were a few varieties, and I’m pretty sure we chose the best one… the taco pizza fries.

Pizza fries are basically a pizza with no sauce, and cut into strips instead of slices.  Ours was topped with taco meat and served with sour cream and hot sauce.  (Was kind of expecting more of a “taco” sauce/salsa type dip… but was pleasantly surprised with the many hot sauce packets we were given… since we are very much into hot sauce.)

Since most of the hot spots in Hudson are by the river off of exit 1 (or so I assume), we had to drive around a bit to find this place… but it isn’t far off the highway.

A tip for anyone:

If you’re in a new area or trying a new place, ask the workers what the best thing to have is!  They usually are happy to tell you what the place is known for and what they recommend.


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