Bonus Episode: Exploring La Crosse, WI

In Attractions, Courtney, Matt, Parks & Recreation, Restaurants & Bars, Special Episode, Wisconsin on Thu-23-Aug-12 at 9:34 AM

To prepare for Explore 94, Matt, Courtney, and I decided to film a test episode in La Crosse, WI.  We spent time at Riverside park, visited the World’s Largest 6-pack, and shared some appetizers at Buzzard Billy’s.

Home to Hiawatha (“Indian Man”) and Fido (a dog statue which you can apparently adopt somehow), Riverside Park is a scenic park along the Mississippi River.  The park was full of energy with people visiting, locals jogging, and boats racing.  It’s a lovely spot to hang out, have a picnic, people watch, or attend an event.

While in La Crosse, you might as well take a few minutes to pass by the World’s Largest 6-pack, because really, how cool is that?!  City Brewery also has a gift shop and offers tours.  You can also visit King Gambarinus (he’s legit), who resides across from the big beer cans.

Our final stop was Buzzard Billy’s, a great gem in the historic downtown area of La Crosse with authentic New Orleans and American Cuisine.  My ultimate recommendation is the sweet potato fries.  I would definitely go back for those!  (And to tell you a secret, we had been there before… and I wanted to go to get the fries again.)  The Buzzard Eggs (chicken tenders, jalapenos, and cheese wrapped in bacon) were obviously good because they were wrapped in bacon, however they could have used more cheese and less chicken.  It’s something different to try, but next time I’ll just double up on the sweet potato fries.

It was a fun evening with Matt and Courtney, and a lot of footage to edit.  It gave me a better idea of how Explore 94 will go, although every exit will be a different experience (especially when I’m not exploring with 2 people who live in the town).


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